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Mc Donalds App Redesign

Improving the user experience for the mobile app of the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain.



  • Conducting UX Research

  • UX Design


Timeline : Jan 20 - Feb 20


McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain with more than 36,000 restaurants in the World, feeds 68 million people every day. It’s mobile application provides great deals and offers, their menu, store finder feature, information about new products and new restaurants and nutritional info to the users. It uses deals to entice and mobile ordering to fulfil. Even after being such a big company, I find their mobile application to be disappointing. It fails in providing a great user experience to the users. So, I wanted to improve the experience of the users.


To improve the User Experience of Mc Donalds mobile application.

User Research

Step 1: I wanted to understand if the people were actually facing issues while using the mobile application. For this I reviewed the ratings and feedbacks from the actual users. Shown below are some real reviews of the application on the playstore and the app store.

Step 2: I interviewed some users and asked them the following questions to understand their pain points and needs:


• What features do you use?

• What is the best and what is the worst thing about the app?

• What features could you live without?

• What features you couldn’t live without?

• Do you have some favourite dishes you order more often?

I observed that the users had issues in terms of:






 Step 3: Then I asked the users to perfom some tasks to find out the issues they were facing while using the application:


• Create an new account or Login

• Search for offers related to a particular item

• Add 2 McAloo Tikki Burgers, 1 Large Coke, 1 Small Fries in the cart and view the cart.

• Customize an item.

• Order your favourite items.

Design & Features

After understanding all the pain points and user requirements, I redesigned the screens with more usable UI



Repetative icons leading to confusion

No Social Login option

No Filter option may lead to missing some offers or time consumption.

  • Confusing Navigation.

  • Half of the screen occupied by Ads.

  • Visibility issues.

  • Confusing Navigation.

  • Half of the screen occupied by Ads.

  • Visibility issues.


Thank you! :)

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